Art Rhapsody Music Education Center

Established by the Ng sisters in 2010, Art Rhapsody is a music education center based on Orff Approach, a developmental music education approach from Germany. Art Rhapsody’s vision is to promote the art of Orff Approach and its educational value to the public through professional education, training, seminars and performances, in order to promote the development of Orff music in Hong Kong.

In order to let everyone to experience the joy of Orff Approach, Orff Education Center offers diversity and various levels of courses and services, including Children Music courses, Teacher training, School services and offer Orff Approach books, CDs, music picture books, instruments and etc. Also, tailor-made educational materials are offered to our students to enhance their learning experiences, developing comprehensive and in-depth learning.

To promote Orff music, we also established the first-ever in Hong Kong- Hong Kong Children’s Orff Band®, and Hong Kong Orff Band® for adults, participating in competitions and public performances, including an annual music gala concert, media interviews and volunteering performances.