Orff Enlightenment Course

We insist on a children-centered teaching philosophy, letting children to have a comprehensive and high-quality music education, which helps establishing good foundations in music. We believed that through the excellent Carl Orff’s methodology in Germany, our students will be able to not just sing, dance and instrument ensemble, but also having good ‘musical ear’.

Orff Schulwerk Approach (Germany) – 5 “C”

Critical Thinking


7 Musical Training and Activities

Rhythmic Training

Gross and Fine motor Skills Training

Listening Training

Music Appreciation

Singing and Rhyming

Story Book and Music

Orff Ensemble playing



Vienna Music Examination Board
The Board (Vienna Music Examination Board), official and legal name in German "Wiener Musik-Prüfungskommission", established under Wiener Musik-Prüfungskommission AG, is a reputable and leading accreditation body and authority on professional graded practical music examination and early childhood music education programs.

VMEB Certified Early Childhood Music Education Training Centre
Art Rhapsody Orff Education Center is VMEB Certified Early Childhood Music Education Training Centre, is the organizations approved and authorized by the Board to organize and offer the Board's Early Childhood Music Education (ECME) program using the Board's syllabus. Students successfully completed the ECME program conducted by VMEB Certified Trainer at VMEB Certified ECME Training Centre are eligible to receive early childhood music education graduate certificate issued by the Board, subject to satisfaction of other requirements.