Director’s Note

We understands children’s learning model. According to the research by Bette Fauth, we think that every child has their own learning model; some of them learn by visual, some by aural and some by kinesthetic, yet, multi-sensory learning makes the outcome the most efficient, and that express the same idea with Orff Approach.

For this reason, we exclusively designed an ‘Orff Music Enlightenment Course’, which aimed at different learning habits of all children, to let them do while singing, to learn by experience. They can learn not just the basic knowledges of music, but also the concentration, reading and listening skills, these are what children of today lack. Thus, we hope that children can learn the best music in their golden age of brain development, enhancing their learning abilities in every way. At the same time, we established the very first Hong Kong Children’s Orff Band® in Hong Kong, an excellent children orchestra, offering chances to perform in different platform and it was widely acclaimed!

Other than children Orff music courses, we also offer professional teacher training to local music teachers, we invites world-renowned Orff music specialists from overseas to held workshops to broaden local teacher’s vision; demonstrating creative and diversity of teaching methods to teachers, that helps children’s music learning ability.

Furthermore, we are active in promoting Orff music to the society. We offer school-based curriculum and holding workshops in different schools. We also established the very first Hong Kong Orff Band®, performing at different events, such as Children’s Orff Music Gala Concerts and charity events, hoping to share the joy of music to the society.