Enrolment Procedure and Center Policies

l New students are required to pay HK$50 application fee. Students should re-pay the application fee if they took leave/ drops out for more than 3 months.

l Certificates will be distributed if students are enrolled in 2 units (24 lessons) or more in a row of the Orff Enlightenment Course and with attendance more than 80%.

l After joining a certain amount of lessons of the Orff Enlightenment Course, students may apply for the graduation certificate of the relevant level by Vienna Music Examination Board (Additional fee for application, please consult with our staff for details).

l Please be sure to drop off and pick your child up on time, Art Rhapsody is not responsible to look after your child outside of class time. This Center is only responsible for the students during lessons and performances.

l In order to provide a healthy and comfortable learning environment for every students, if your child is not feeling well, such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea or other infectious diseases, please do not come to lessons and consult a doctor immediately. We will inform the parent/ guardian to pick up the child once he/she is feeling not well during lessons.

l Please do not take any photos and videos without Art Rhapsody’s permissions. If no written notice is received, Art Rhapsody reserves the right to use any form of media in the classroom. All of the photographs, audio and video recordings produced therein will be used for training, curriculum development and publicity purposes.

l Our exclusive teaching materials are for students in Art Rhapsody only. All unauthorized copying and distribution are prohibited.

l Parents and students are not allowed to use our facilities and waiting area outside of their designated lesson time.

l Selling or promoting any products or courses that are not belonged to Art Rhapsody are prohibited.

l Students must show up in all the lessons on time, make-up lessons will not be arranged for late-comers.

l Art Rhapsody will not arrange make-up lessons or refunds for students who were absent in no reason.

l All voluntary one-time prepaid tuition fees will not be refunded and returned in any form after the commencement of classes

l Art Rhapsody reserves the right to change any teacher in certain classes as usual without notifying parents in advance. In addition, parents are not allowed to request refunds or changing classes because of changing teachers under any circumstances.

l If a student must apply personal leave, please notify us at least 3 days before, in order to make necessary arrangements.

l If a student must apply sick leave, please call us at least 3 hours before, in order to make necessary arrangements.

l Missed lessons arrangement:

(a) Orff Enlightenment Course:

   1. If a student must take leave, he/she can join another lesson (which is in the same level of his/her original lesson) within one week as the make-up lesson, however, Art Rhapsody will not accept postponing the lesson or ask for refunds. (Unless Art Rhapsody decides to cancel the lesson, other lessons will not get refunds or postpone) )

2. Extra rehearsals arranged for a performance or competition can be counted as a make-up lesson for Orff Enlightenment Course/ Hong Kong Children Orff Band.

(b) Individual Instrument Course:

   1. Make-up lessons arrangements if a student took leave:

Divide the lesson time and add to regular lessons (add 15 mins to regular lesson length); or

Choose another time-slot within the payment period; or

Art Rhapsody can arrange a substitute teacher for that lesson

   **Lessons cannot be extended/ postponed as a make-up or refunded

2. If a student took leave for more than a month (4 lessons or more), an additional 30% of that month’s tuition fee should be paid as a reservation fee, or else our Center will not reserve the designated time-slot for the student.

l If the teacher took leave or our Center announced class suspension, we will arrange make-up lessons.

l Art Rhapsody will not arrange another make-up lesson if the student were absent or took leave during the arranged make-up lesson.

l Students and parents are responsible of their belongings. Art Rhapsody will not be held responsible if there is any loss.

l Please pay the tuition fee on time for reservation, or else the spot might be cancelled.

l If a student is not behaving well or destroys the class order, that student will be removed from our Center and Art Rhapsody reserves all the rights and will not arrange any make-up lessons or refunds in any form.

Severe weather arrangements:

l Lessons will be canceled during Black Rainstorm Warning, Typhoon Signal no. 8 and above, make-up lesson will be scheduled by Art Rhapsody.

l All lessons will resume 2 hours after Hong Kong Observatory had officially announced the cancellation of Black Rainstorm Warning and Typhoon Signal no.8 and above.

l Art Rhapsody will also announce the latest news on our Facebook page ‘Art Rhapsody’. Art Rhapsody reserves the right of final decision.