Hong Kong Children’s Orff Band

First-ever in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Children’s Orff Band® was established by the teachers at Art Rhapsody in 2010.

With poetries, speech rhyme, movement, singing, dancing, ensemble, improvisation and etc., members of the Hong Kong Children’s Orff Band® enjoy music through ‘learning-by-doing’. Our instructors emphasized on strengthening students’ ensemble experiences and ability in improvisation. The learning trend of the local students are more into individual lessons and learning by passively receiving, it causes lack of creativity, appreciation and the ability to cooperate. Therefore, ensemble sessions, ear training and improvisation exercises are included in our band practices.

In the past years, our teachers are also keen to promote Hong Kong Children’s Orff Band®, to let more students and parents to know more about this band. Other than our weekly band practices, we have also been invited to perform and to be interviewed at TVB. The most thrilled is that we have also won third place in the Children's Talent Contest organized by Kidz Club HK in 2013.

In order to let our students to accept Orff music education as early as possible, Art Rhapsody offers Orff Enlightenment courses for students in different ages, and In-school classes at the Hong Kong Ling Liang Kindergarten, The Church of Christ in China Shatin Church Pok Hong Kindergarten and etc.

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